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District 15 -  Sriram, Annerino, Iannuzzelli

District  211 Dombrowski

Endorsed by State Rep. Tom Morrison


Local elections, despite having a direct impact on our households, have the lowest turnout often less than 10%!  Almost 70% of our property taxes go to the local public schools, which are a vital part of our community. Its critical we elect wise stewards who provide a check and balance and ask the necessary questions to ensure the dollars are used judiciously. We believe head nods, silent stares, and rubber stamp approvals are dangerous for our community.

Yard Signs: We need many homes for yard signs to raise awareness. Many do not know there is an election. Please email or call 847-650-7916 and leave a message.

Forward an Email:
  We can send you an email that you can forward to your contacts. Please email

Early Voting:
  March 23 April 4 at the Palatine Township Center on Quentin Rd from 9-5 everyday except Sunday.

Vote by Mail: 
Anyone can vote by mail if you cant get to the polls. Go to and click on Vote by Mail or contact us for help. Every vote really does count.


For District 15 -  Vote 123 - Sriram, Annerino, Iannuzzelli:
We fully support the re-election of Manjula Sriram and Gerard Iannuzzelli to the Board. They have a proven track record on the Board over the last 4 years. We are sad to see Scott Herr not run for re-election as he has done an outstanding job. But we are very pleased to have Frank Annerino, D15 parent of four, step up to run. Frank has all the skills to be a truly effective Board Member. With children in three different schools, Frank has a wide scope of experience in D15. He is a leader with a strong voice, has a background of service to the community, and can hit the ground running.

For District  211 Vote 1 - Dombrowski: "We strongly recommend Peter Dombrowski for the District 211 Board of Education. He has all the skills, and then some, to be the kind of leader and public servant the community needs in 211. His knowledge of the issues, his ability to analyze and discuss complex problems, along with his ability to articulate the solution and develop an action plan, was crystal clear from our first meeting. He is a thoughtful, proactive leader who will build the bridge back to the community - a bridge that is lacking on the Board now. His background shows he makes service a top priority in his life and he has the backbone to be a strong voice. Pete is the real deal. It's time to Seat Pete.

Please join us next week for our D15 and D211
Campaign 2015 Volunteer Meeting

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 7 pm
Palatine Library - Meeting Room 1

We need all the help we can get to get the honest, engaged public servants, not the politicians, elected:
Pete Dombrowski for District 211 and Manjula Sriram, Frank Annerino, Gerard Iannuzzelli for District 15

Please let us know if you cannot make it but are able to help. We need help with the following:
- phone banking from the comfort of your home - we provide list and script
- walking your neighborhood or another area - we provide list and material
- planting signs
- walking in St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday, March 14

Candidate Info:
D15 - Manjula Sriram, Frank Annerino, Gerard Iannuzzelli

D211 - Pete Dombrowski


Please join us for a short presentation and discussion on the latest happenings. Our candidates for the April election also plan to be there so come see those who are willing to step up and serve as public servants, not politicians. Please mark your calendars:

Presentation and Meet the Candidates
Saturday, February 14, 2015 

Palatine Library - Meeting Room #1

1:30 - 3 pm


District 15 hires Public Relation Firm - January 15, 2015

Senate Bill 16 Impact Public Forum

Tuesday, October 21, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Metropolis Performing Arts Center in Arlington Heights.

State Sen. Matt Murphy, State Rep. Tom Morrison, and State Rep David Harris are inviting their constituents to attend a Senate Bill 16 Impact Public Forum to discuss the impact that the proposed legislation would have on suburban schools and property taxpayers. That forum will be held Tuesday, October 21, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Metropolis Performing Arts Center, 111 W. Campbell Street, in Arlington Heights.

Chris Koch, Illinois State Board of Education superintendent, and representatives from Advance Illinois, the primary group that is pushing for Senate Bill 16's passage, will be attending this forum. Local superintendents and school administrators will also briefly speak to how Senate Bill 16 will affect area school districts. Attendees will be given the opportunity to submit questions or concerns to panel participants.

Download flyer here

Arbitrator's decision is in on Late Start/Early Dismissal:

District 15 professional development time will take place by means of an early dismissal of students on FRIDAY AFTERNOONS beginning January 31st.

District Press Release


We were in attendance at the last Board meeting where we expected a vote on the Late Start/Early Release issue since it was on the agenda. A vote was not taken and perhaps we now know why thanks to Lisa Szczupaj, the leader of the petition drive and advocate for Friday Early Release.

We have been informed the Classroom Teachers' Council has threatened to file a lawsuit if the Board of Education votes for an Early Release.

This is how they show they are "for the kids"?

We are not at all confident our Board Members-Elect (Babcock, Bokor, Seiffert, Ekeberg) will vote according to the needs of the students and families of our community. Based on their track records, we are very concerned they will vote exactly the way CTC President Lisa Nuss wants.

Please take a minute to send an email to the BOE asking for FRIDAY EARLY RELEASE.

The CTC Leadership clearly does not care that Late Start is not in the best interest of students and families.

They clearly are not concerned with minimizing the negative impact on the education of our community's children. Since this contracted professional development time will be occurring during the current school day, it must be done at a time so as to minimize the negative effect on students. The only option that makes sense is during the least productive time for learning - Friday afternoons. The teachers would not be working any later than they do now.

Please take a minute to copy and paste these addresses into an email and ask them to not be rubber stampers for the union and do the right thing for students and for education.;;;;;;;;;;

Please watch and share. This is critical information regarding the April 9th 2013 election.

Daily Herald Coverage

Chicago Tribune Coverage

FOIA request shows he forwarded confidential attorney/client information within 30 minutes of receipt to a private citizen (who just so happens to be Gerald Chapman). 

A member of Citizens for Accountability made a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request and found that Board Member Richard Bokor shared information about DTU negotiations with former Board President Gerald Chapman, who was ousted from the D15 BOE in 2011. See the Chapman violation on the Patch:

Citizens for Accountability in D15

Important Election Information

"Producing high-performing, financially-sound, taxpayer-friendly schools starts with better local leadership at the school board level. Not glamorous work but board leadership is mission-critical." - Dan Proft  3/14/13  

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Citizens for Accountability in D15 believes in having independent and honest representation on our Board of Education. This is an unpaid volunteer position and sometimes people with ulterior motives are drawn to run for these positions. We need community members with the right motivation and community service track record.

For the April 9th election, there are 9 candidates for 4 open seats. Since the 2011 election, the current Board majority (Millar, Herr, Iannuzzelli, Sriram) has been working hard to chart a new path and this must continue. Tim Millar is not running for re-election. So, if the three current incumbents and the former Board member are all elected, all of  the work toward deficit reduction and transparency over the past 2 years will be undone.

Citizens for Accountability endorses the Vote 1-2-3 non-incumbents:

Matthew Lyons, Jennifer Zold, Donna Johnson

They are ballot positions 1, 2, 3. 

They have demonstrated the ability, commitment, and integrity to serve our community as true public servants.

Jen Zold has been heavily involved in D15 since 2005. She has worked tirelessly over the years, especially during our historic 2010 petition drive, in order to give the community a voice and a vote. Jen's leadership has helped the community tremendously over the years. Matt Lyons has been focused on D15 issues for several years and also gathered signatures in 2010. He has dedicated much time over the years to dig deep into the details and contribute to D15, including the Navigate 15 process. Donna Johnson is a lifelong fiscal conservative and has the skills and prior Board experience to do the job.

Jen and Matt are parents and Donna is an aunt to D15 students. You can learn more about them on their web site:

We've interviewed the other 2 non-incumbents, Ramnath Cidambi and Abdul Javid. We were especially impressed with Ramnath's new ideas regarding improving education. We also appreciate Abdul's desire to run for the Board. However, at this time, we are only endorsing 3 candidates who have the proven track record, right motivation, and experience. We encourage Ramnath and Abdul to stay involved and we look forward to seeing them at future District 15 meetings.

As for the incumbents, it is clear why we cannot endorse them as their questionable motives, poor judgement and financial mismanagement caused the creation of our group:

- In 2009, Babcock, Bokor and Ekeberg voted for a questionable labor contract they were told the community could not afford but voted for anyway. This put us on a destructive path of millions of dollars of deficit spending per year. Why would they do this? These 2 links may provide the answers:

2007 Union Campaign Contributions  /  Board Candidates & Union Money

- To cover up their actions, they attempted to borrow $27 million for a working cash bond without the voters' approval in 2010. They are now saying this was only for capital improvements. However, when Sue Quinn made a motion to restrict borrowing to the amount needed for the improvements, they voted NO and proceeded to vote YES to borrow the full $27 million for working cash.

- Though Seiffert was not on the Board in 2010 as he was appointed later, said recently at a candidate forum hosted by TOPPER he also supported the borrowing plan.

If the previous Board majority is re-elected, we have every reason to believe this type of mismanagement will return to our BOE. Spending precious dollars on needless interest payments does not help the education of our community's children. We need BOE members who are public servants and who will do the job as it was originally intended. 

We need your help in spreading awareness during these final weeks of the campaign. As we learned in 2010, many hands are needed. Whether you have kids in the schools or not, this affects all of us. We need all of our BOE members to be independent thinkers, honest, and trustworthy to make sure the money is used wisely for the education of the students.

Election Day is April 9. Early voting is March 25 - April 6.

Voter turnout is especially critical in local elections. Please forward this email.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, to volunteer, or to make a much-appreciated donation to Vote 1-2-3.

Citizens for Accountability in D15 Leadership Team

Information Regarding Late Start/Early Dismissal

Dear Fellow Citizens,

At the last Board of Education meeting, several parents addressed the Board regarding the schedule change beginning in the fall.

This is an important issue for the children of our community. The 40 minutes of professional development time was negotiated as part of the new teachers' contract and is currently scheduled for a late start on Wednesdays. This can change, per the wording in the contract, if and only if, the community gets involved and there is an OVERWHELMING response.

We are strongly encouraging an early release rather than a late start. The routine of going to school each day at the same time is crucial for young children. Also, for working parents, after school care is already in place and would only need to be moved up. A late start would create a new, and potentially costly, childcare issue.

We believe an early release on Fridays would have the least impact on most children and families and would result in the least amount of lost instructional time.

Even if you don't have a strong opinion on a Friday early release, please help demonstrate the "overwhelming opposition" needed to change it from the current plan of a Wednesday late start. The following actions are needed:

1. Sign the Petition. This will take 2 minutes:

Parent Petition

OR if you prefer, you may add your name to a paper version instead. Circulators are also needed. Email us at for details.

2. Attend the Community Forum. Please attend if at all possible:

Saturday, January 26, 2013

9 am

Sundling Junior High on Smith St.

Please forward to others in District 15.

News links:

Patch article and comments

Daily Herald article and comments



Who We Are  



About our group:

We are a community volunteer group and we attend the Board of Ed meetings for elementary District 15 and high school District 211. We've seen the
consequences of our school board elections first-hand. We are the ones ones who led the effort to collect 7500 signatures in 30 days in 2010 so the
community could have the right to vote on an unnecessary D15 bond issue:

The Board, led by Gerald Chapman at that time, did not present a plan or rationale as to why they money should be borrowed and millions of dollars of
interest paid. Even the Daily Herald agreed and said the community should not be asked to "give a blank check on a vague plan:"

We are focused on ensuring our tax dollars are used wisely and for the intended purpose - education - not wasted on unnecessary interest payments
and other nonsense. It is critical we elect wise stewards who will provide honest oversight and real transparency, the way our local school boards were
originally intended to operate. We will not support those who do not ask questions, do not participate in critical discussions, and who are rubber stamps
for the administration. Please contact us with any questions: Thank you!
Members include:
Vicki Wilson
Jen Zold
Mary Vanek
Joe Heater
Mark Evenson
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